Living with an Auto-immune Disease

Back in spring of 2009, I was diagnosed with Grave’s Disease*.  This was after sleeping 15 hours a day, and still not feeling actually awake.  My husband made me go to the doctor and we did blood tests.  This was the easy part.  Then I went over across the lake to meet with an Endocrinologist, where we made plans to kill my Thyroid.  This was done in the Spring of 2009 with radioactive Iodine**.

Once that was finished, and I could get back to normal, I started taking a drug called Levothyroxine***, a THS replacement therapy drug.  This has been an interesting ride.  I also gained almost a hundred pounds after bringing my thyroid hormone levels down to normal, which effected my dosage.  And so that took a year or so to settle down.

Now it is several years later, and I’m dealing with losing weight.  Which means it’s time to change my dosage again.  But this gets so much better.  Because a year ago, my first Endo left.  Then, two weeks after my appointment with the new doctor?  She leaves.  So now I have a THIRD doctor.  And she’s helping me get my dosage changed.  But I can’t get an appointment for two months.  And just this week, I went to war over my medications.

You’d think that this would be simple.  My doctor faxes over my new prescription, and all is good.  But no.  She’s going to have me switching back and forth day by day between two dosages.  I got the first, higher dosage.  But the second, lower one was no where to be found.  I spent a week chatting with my pharmacy and my doctor trying to resolve this.

Today, I actually watched a pharmacist facepalm.  It was kinda epic.  But it let to her going to war with the doctor’s office for me, which means I now have my second dosage in hand.  Now I can move forward with changing my dosage, and maybe losing more weight.  Which will only mean that I have to do this again later.

I live my life chained to a pill box.  If I miss a day, I will feel like utter shit the next day.  Thank goodness in all of this that I had extra of the old dosage to get me through.  But if I hadn’t?  Things would be a little awkward and kinda crappy.


**Which was disappointing in it’s lack of even temporary super powers