My Phone is my Life

Knowing the world today, if you read, you’ve heard the praises of smart phones being sung from rooftops and mountain sides.  And this is partly going to be the same thing, with a personal twist.

Those who know me, know that I have shit for memory.  I’m always double booking myself, forgetting what I was supposed to do, missing appointments, you name it.  But I’ve started loading up my smart phone with everything I need.

There isn’t much my G2 can’t do.  It’s my calender, my connection to the outside world, and it’s the best thing that happened to me.

For anyone who has any sort of memory problem, there are plenty of apps for you.  Apps to keep your calender, to keep time, to remind you about everything, to keep track of what you’re reading, what you’re playing, and to keep you occupied.  Give me an outlet and my phone, and I won’t be bored.