Accidental Bigotry

…or: Do you know what you sound like?
I have friends that have touched on issues that are important to me, hitting my buttons in a bad way, who don’t seem to understand why I take issue with what they say.  That’s because they don’t understand that we have to fight in the world we’re given.
A perfect society, that didn’t have all these prudish ideas about what was male and what was female, what it meant to be either of those things, would be amazing!  Yes, I want that!  But am I realistically going to get that?
So what I do is fight for the rights in the context of what is achievable.  And they keep talking about shit that isn’t.  And it pisses me off.  Because when they say “Why does it matter what bathroom they use, just use the one that matches your plumbing,” it sounds incredibly bigoted.  And while a bit of me knows that they don’t mean it that way, I can’t help but get angry.
You see, your argument is that one needs to change the foundation of the world.  But there’s already this giant city built on the bedrock.  So we have to start from the roof and bang our way down until we reach the foundation.  And not even Blacks are there yet, and they’ve been at this the longest, at least here in the United States.  So why would the other minorities be anywhere near that?
So no, while I get what you’re saying, I still have to educate you.  Because what you are actually saying is something so very bigoted, and you don’t even realize it.  I know you’re a good person, so I want to save you the rage of someone who doesn’t understand you.  Because it will happen.  That linebacker in a dress who played football in college and is transitioning from man to woman?  She’s going to kick your ass.

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